Look, it’s my ugly mug and awful hair, in video form!
I went downtown to Edmonton’s Whyte Avenue and realized something funny about the building placement there.

Did you get an edgy haircut?


Going through pictures of me XXlbs less and craving that thigh gap and the collar bones and the rib cage and to feel like I’m finally disappearing.

You know what, no. I am so tired of seeing these posts from you and nobody says anything. Sweetie I know you, you’re one of the most attractive women I’ve ever met. And I know you will think I’m saying this just because I’m trying to make you feel better, but it’s the dead honest truth. I’ve thought that for a long time. I know I’m not the only one… We love YOU Sarah, everything that makes you you. I need you to remember that. And no matter what happens or if we ever talk again, I know I will always have that feeling. Someone will always be there for you, if you just look and reach out to us you could see that


thehorrordonut asked: Can we dance if we want to?



Um…I’ll allow it. On ONE condition: you must leave your friends behind.

but only if they dont dance

Because at that point they’re no friends of mine


We should be fine as long as we do not reblog bread.


We should be fine as long as we do not reblog bread.

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